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March 11, 2012

Quotes For Inspiration And Personal Change

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When I was a teenager my mom was a teacher and she hated to have to be outside in the cold a few days a week for playground watch during the New York winters. The teachers would have to rotate days to watch the kids during recess. She told me that what kept her going was the famous quote, “This too shall pass.” It was her way to know she could endure things and that the condition wouldn’t be permanent. Reading quotes is an excellent way to change your mindset, gain inspiration and change your state of mind. You can pick up my Famous Quotes book for a short period of time at .99 HERE (and you don’t need a kindle to read it).

Turn to quotes when you feel discouraged, alone or may be heading into a state of craving. They REALLY can pull you out of the tricks that your mind plays on you! Reading famous quotations helps you break certain mental habits. One liners can change your mood completely. For instance, many people find that the quote, “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” by Nietzsche very helpful. When you read a quote not only are you connected to the depth of an author, but also the whole community of people that have received support from the saying. In addition, many times we can’t read a whole book at work or when we feel stressed. But everyone can take a few minutes to read a few quotes and reflect upon them. (more…)


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