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June 23, 2009

Why Low Self-Esteem Can Lead to Drug Addiction

One’s family background , difficult situations at work or school and life challenges can all lead to self-esteem that is damaged. When there is low self-esteem, we find ways to numb the pain. Drug Addiction is one of these paths. When someone has a low opinion of himself, he can try to remedy this by a self-forgetfulness. The low self-image may have begun when one’s parents criticized him or compared him to a sibling over and over again. It also could have been re-enforced (or even started) when kids in elementary school ignored him or laughed about him.

If one feels badly about oneself, trying to fit in or please others is a common route. This can involve in doing drugs as this can be seen as the norm for some cliques at school. No one likes to feel like an outsider and with low self esteem, one measures himself by other people’s opinions. Being on the outside creates a deep sense of aloneness and alienation. There are a lot of books written about how we long to belong and not be separate from others. What is interesting however is that if the popular person of the clique decides later that being religious is what is cool, then others follow that lead. It is hard to live by one’s own standards and make choices without others approval. This is even more difficult for someone with low self esteem who was belittled as a child.

If fitting in with others doesn’t work, then drug addiction or substance abuse may be turned to in order to block things out about the rejection. This can also be seen as a solution after a divorce, relationship break up, fall out with a friend or in response to an ongoing family drama. Getting insight into the low self esteem is what is key to overcoming the makeshift solutions used to deal with it. Read more on
Alcoholic Behavior Patterns and Vicoden Addiction


March 6, 2009

Addictions: Do You Have to Give In to the Urge

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There is some sense of having to give in when you have an urge to drink or do drugs- but you don’t. We have the power to pause, evaluate and then decide. Our past helps us to see mistakes we’ve made and this can qualify every experience that we encounter now. You can learn from the past. Did having an anger outburst help you before? If you’ve ever had tantrums, you see that it isn’t fruitful.

The same is true about coping with challenges by using drugs or alcohol. Does it really stop the situation? Does it really resolve things? How much does it now complicate things because people are angry with you, you are late, you disappointed someone etc etc. Try to keep all of this in mind when you think that a drink or smoking can resolve something. It is sooo temporary. It won’t last long. You may even not be able to relax with the booze or the pot etc because it is still haunting you.

Facing things really is easier. When you face something you can be empowered. You make decisions and you get rid of that nagging sense you are running. An effective drug addiction solution makes you feel good rather than sneaky or about to be caught. You’ll feel actually like you are doing something good for yourself (like eating a meal rather than just getting fried foods).

February 8, 2009

Keep A Journal to Get Insights Into Drug Abuse

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Keeping a journal is a great way to gain insight into what situations and people may be what creates a sense of stress and triggers the need to get high or change one’s state through using drugs.

It is like you get your buttons pushed and then have to do something to not feel it. This doesn’t have to be the case. There are effective coping strategies to deal with irritating people, challenging situations and tough days. But first it helps to write about things so you see what grips you.

You can write about the situation and try to see if falls into certain categories like jealousy, rejection, disappointment, unresolved family issues, career stress etc. Once you start identifying things they get better because they aren’t as big as they look when you break them down.

If it is jealousy, now you know have named it and it can be addressed by therapy, speaking with friends and self-reflection. When it is a disappointment, go a little further. Ask yourself what did you expect from people and the situations. Maybe the world won’t measure up to what you are asking? Is that ok? Or can you find another situation that is a better fit? Taking the time to look deeply at things help them just be a big, heavy weight on your chest. Instead they are part of the puzzle that is you. Stop by Motivation to Stop Addiction for tools to stop the past patterns.

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