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December 20, 2008

Addiction Denial: Are You Acting Like Rod Blagojevich By Denying The Problem

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The public seems to be surprised by Rod Blagojevich and his repeated denial of the truth that is apparent about the scandal due to the evidence of wire tapping. How different is this than the response you might get when you discuss How to Stop Drinking or facing drug addiction to someone?

The out and out denial and often a self-righteous claim that the truth will be found is so similar to that of a binge drinking problem. Blagojevich has multiple tapings made about the corruption , everyone urging him to resign and the count for impeachment was over 100 to 0. Yet he continues his fight to stay in office and to contradict the obvious evidence of his guilt.

With drug addiction and drinking problems sometimes an Alcoholic Intervention gets the addict to see he really does have a problem, despite all his denials, excuses and blame throwing.

With all the news media coverage, this is a public type of intervention in a way, but it seems to be having the result of him Blagojevich digging in his heels in this “I will continue to fight” stance despite the exposure of the corruption, evidence about profit from trying to sell Obama’s seat in senate and denial of other misconduct that is exposed.

Persistence is a great quality when tied to truth but when it is just a form of intimidation based on lying it is pig-headedness.

The behavior is similar to someone that has an addiction they just can’t let go of or admit despite facts that show otherwise. Let go of defensiveness and your life can change for the better.

September 1, 2008

Martin Sheen against Proposition 5 for Addiction

What does everyone think about Martin Sheen feeling jail time may be a better threat for addicts? He does know first hand due to his own drinking struggles and witnessing his son Charlie’s drug issues the problems and temptations from the inside.

He feels that having the threat of jail time can increase one’s motivation to change and stop drug and alcohol indulgences. The proposition 5 would have a treatment option vs jail time. Some feel consequences are the best incentive to change. I think change happens when someone is really sick of their life.

What is it that makes someone finally change? What leads to that ah-ha moment that your life is being thrown away otherwise? Visit Drug Recovery Help

July 4, 2008

Christine Applegate – Ex- Boyfriend Drug Overdose

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I am saddened to see once again when I look at the internet that right away that Christine Applegate’s ex – Lee Grivas died of heroin overdose. She and he have had many breakups over the years as she didn’t want to enable the addiction. I feel for her so much.

She obviously cared for him a great deal and said he was missed beyond words. They met when she was in Sweet Charity at Broadway. Grivas was known for his photography skills as well as skateboarding abilities. It is a difficult struggle and one that takes a lot of persistence to overcome. Drug Addiction Information

June 22, 2008

Naomi Campbell- Gollywog and Assault

Wow, the Naomi Campbell news stories are still coming. Naomi was saying that British Airways is racist and called her discriminating names. She said she shouldn’t have taken her anger out on police and apologized but feels that British Airways owes her an apology for their comments towards her. She was pissed off that one of her bags was missing and yelled at the captain abusively but also said she had been called a “gollywog supermodel” by airlines staff. I hope she’ll get a chance to look at this: How to Stop Bad Habits

May 18, 2008

Celebrity Rehab – Who Is Getting Help

Though we think money and fame solves our problems, each day in the news we find this contradicted. The most recent news includes Amy Winehouse being filmed with a joint and the earlier crack video. I am not sure what’s happening with her career, but I like her.

The description for “celeb rehab”  with Dr. Dreson May 23rd sounds interesting:

Viewing Jeff Conaway’s extraordinary and harsh detox, the rehabbers get to see what rehab is really about. The rehabbers watch Jeff’s struggle in horror and wonder, could this happen to them.

Initially I thought this was a typical reality show exploitation but there is some depth and insight

Celeb Rehab

We’ll get into some analysis in future posts


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