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July 23, 2008

Cold Sores and Beer

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In case you need another reason to get motivated to stop drinking, there’s some interesting information about cold sores.

“Dr. Mindell also points out that certain foods may trigger Cold sores because they contain arginine, an amino acid that the herpes virus needs to thrive. Arginine-rich foods include cola, chocolate, peanuts and cashews, gelatin, beer and peas. So if you’re prone to Cold sores, Dr. Mindell advises that you limit your intake of these foods—and eliminate them completely during an outbreak. ”

Evidently, beer is rich in l-argine and that is going to make your amino acid off which can lead to a breakout. The body doesn’t produce lysine. I find that when I eat peanut butter I break out on my lower lip with a cold sore.

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July 12, 2008

Alcohol and Yeast Infections

We know that excessive alcohol can damage your social life, career and family situation but it also can give you a yeast infection!  Certain foods such as breads, mushrooms and refined sugars contain yeast or fungus that some people will react to in the form of candida or a yeast infection. Wine and beer are also in this class.

Also drinking too much alcohol can create liver problems which then can result in a yeast infection. If you already have a yeast infection, you can feel very intoxicated by a small amount of alcohol or very light headed. Read more about Yeast Infection Symptoms and keep in mind that if you know someone that drinks, they may be motivated to stop by not wanting a yeast infection problem  . Sometimes vanity is a great motivator!

July 4, 2008

Christine Applegate – Ex- Boyfriend Drug Overdose

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I am saddened to see once again when I look at the internet that right away that Christine Applegate’s ex – Lee Grivas died of heroin overdose. She and he have had many breakups over the years as she didn’t want to enable the addiction. I feel for her so much.

She obviously cared for him a great deal and said he was missed beyond words. They met when she was in Sweet Charity at Broadway. Grivas was known for his photography skills as well as skateboarding abilities. It is a difficult struggle and one that takes a lot of persistence to overcome. Drug Addiction Information

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