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September 4, 2008

Mackenzie Phillips in Rehab- Heroin at Lax Airport

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Mackenzie Phillips was caught with both heroin and cocaine at Lax airport and is now at a rehab facility (name was not disclosed). Her drug charges are a felony but the arraignment is in October. The bail was 20,000 dollars.

It must’ve been hard growing up with the notoriety of the Mama and the Papa’s group (John Phillips was her dad). Mackenzie was also known for her role on “One Day At A Time”. She’s been in rehab in the past. I wish her well and know it is hard with a history.

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July 23, 2008

Cold Sores and Beer

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In case you need another reason to get motivated to stop drinking, there’s some interesting information about cold sores.

“Dr. Mindell also points out that certain foods may trigger Cold sores because they contain arginine, an amino acid that the herpes virus needs to thrive. Arginine-rich foods include cola, chocolate, peanuts and cashews, gelatin, beer and peas. So if you’re prone to Cold sores, Dr. Mindell advises that you limit your intake of these foods—and eliminate them completely during an outbreak. ”

Evidently, beer is rich in l-argine and that is going to make your amino acid off which can lead to a breakout. The body doesn’t produce lysine. I find that when I eat peanut butter I break out on my lower lip with a cold sore.

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May 17, 2008

Drug Addiction Recovery Help

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Hey Everyone,

I am a therapist and work with people who are trying to overcome problems of drug addiction and “recreational drug use”. One client said something to me recently that it is a just a numbing device for her. It is hard though to face what is being numbed out. This is the challenge.

When I taught yoga at a drug rehab facility in Florida someone said to me, “If I had done yoga, I never would’ve done crack.” Whether it’s yoga, running, swimming, pilates it’s great to find something that will give you a lift and high. I think people have a strong spiritual yearning often that gets transferred into the high of drugs.

Everyone has a different personality so different treatments and centers will click with different types. You can read more here: Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Solutions . I’ll update this regularly with strategies, tips and inspiration to get out of the ruts we fall into.


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