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March 6, 2009

Addictions: Do You Have to Give In to the Urge

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There is some sense of having to give in when you have an urge to drink or do drugs- but you don’t. We have the power to pause, evaluate and then decide. Our past helps us to see mistakes we’ve made and this can qualify every experience that we encounter now. You can learn from the past. Did having an anger outburst help you before? If you’ve ever had tantrums, you see that it isn’t fruitful.

The same is true about coping with challenges by using drugs or alcohol. Does it really stop the situation? Does it really resolve things? How much does it now complicate things because people are angry with you, you are late, you disappointed someone etc etc. Try to keep all of this in mind when you think that a drink or smoking can resolve something. It is sooo temporary. It won’t last long. You may even not be able to relax with the booze or the pot etc because it is still haunting you.

Facing things really is easier. When you face something you can be empowered. You make decisions and you get rid of that nagging sense you are running. An effective drug addiction solution makes you feel good rather than sneaky or about to be caught. You’ll feel actually like you are doing something good for yourself (like eating a meal rather than just getting fried foods).

January 10, 2009

Alcopops are Not Innocent

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Alcopops are sweet beverages but they are deceptive as they have 5-7 percent alcohol. They are actually not innocent fruity drinks by any stretch of the imagination. It’s good to question your kids about these sweetened drinks in case they are drinking them. Sadly, manufacturers are playing into young teens and college students who don’t like the taste of beer and want it more palatable.

Read more about Teens and Alcopops to get informed about this. In Illinois they are banning in kids’ games alcopop depictions-this includes Boone’s Farms and Smirnoff’s. These are called “girlie drinks” sometimes but they are higher in alcohol than most people realize.

December 20, 2008

Addiction Denial: Are You Acting Like Rod Blagojevich By Denying The Problem

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The public seems to be surprised by Rod Blagojevich and his repeated denial of the truth that is apparent about the scandal due to the evidence of wire tapping. How different is this than the response you might get when you discuss How to Stop Drinking or facing drug addiction to someone?

The out and out denial and often a self-righteous claim that the truth will be found is so similar to that of a binge drinking problem. Blagojevich has multiple tapings made about the corruption , everyone urging him to resign and the count for impeachment was over 100 to 0. Yet he continues his fight to stay in office and to contradict the obvious evidence of his guilt.

With drug addiction and drinking problems sometimes an Alcoholic Intervention gets the addict to see he really does have a problem, despite all his denials, excuses and blame throwing.

With all the news media coverage, this is a public type of intervention in a way, but it seems to be having the result of him Blagojevich digging in his heels in this “I will continue to fight” stance despite the exposure of the corruption, evidence about profit from trying to sell Obama’s seat in senate and denial of other misconduct that is exposed.

Persistence is a great quality when tied to truth but when it is just a form of intimidation based on lying it is pig-headedness.

The behavior is similar to someone that has an addiction they just can’t let go of or admit despite facts that show otherwise. Let go of defensiveness and your life can change for the better.

December 7, 2008

How to Deal with Adolescent Drug Rehab Issues

At the clinic I work at, I see many teenagers turning to pot and cocaine as well as cutting to deal with pain. Only a small percentage go to adolescent drug rehab programs. As I discuss the issues with them at the psychotherapy sessions, the main issues seem to revolve around tensions with friends, boyfriends, family conflicts and academic pressures.

It is easy to think a teen’s worries are insignificant and to tell them worrying about a boyfriend at age fourteen isn’t important. But, it is to a teen and adults alike, rejection can be very painful. As adults we are often good at building defenses and a wall, but many teens are vulnerable. Plus, they don’t have many of the outlets that adults have when things are stressful and creating inner anxiety. For instance, as an adult, we can jump in the car and take a ride, drive to the mall to shop, plan a girls night out to forget trouble etc. A teenager often can’t drive and has limited escape options for mental health. There isn’t the luxury of running to a pilates class or getting a massage to try to regain mental peace.

Of course, teens do have escape routes like anyone else to diffuse stress such as the internet, cell phone calls, texting and listening to music. Still, if the issues revolve around their friends or dates, many of the same people are interacting and it may just re-inforce the painfulness of the original interaction. If there is additional strain with the family then there just may not be any way it seems to feel good. Plus cell phones are often what are taken away when a teen is grounded so then they have no contact with friends. Adolescent drug rehab can help if the problem gets out of control. If it is occassional use, it’s important to help the person find other ways to feel good which can include exercise that releases endorphins, creative activities like drawing and music or relaxation techniques through tai-chi, meditation and yoga. Counseling is important and if you are in counseling yourself, a non threatening way to bring in your teen is to have them go with you to your session and see that it is not as scary as they thought.

If there are family pressures that are the source of the drug problem, brainstorm about an aunt or uncle that the teen can visit for a weekend to just get a new environment. This can help to get a break from each other. It often is hard for teens to open up and one way that is useful for parents is to talk about oneself honestly and an issue that one had and overcame. Don’t be preachy or give a lecture but talk about your own vulnerability, how you felt stuck and the difficult points. This is often why al-anon, aa and other twelve step groups work well because people are able to hear others experiences and understand their process, insights and trials. You gain perspective when you hear others with teens and alcohol concerns and also wisdom when you see how others deal with it successfully.

November 30, 2008

Doing an Intervention: Get Someone to Face the Truth

If you want to conduct an alcoholic intervention to help someone face their true situation, loss of quality of life and open a door to a new level of living, be aware that the person will probably be defensive, in denial, angry or any mix of the above. There is no one way to do it,and though in past interventions were done informally by friends and famlly, now there are people who wlll facilitate one formally if one wishes that.

I think it’s more effective to first try one without a professional and then a professional can always be involved if necessary in future. What is best is to have several close friends and family members (4-10 people). These should be people who care about the person and who don’t get into tons of knock down fights and arguments OR are actively drinking themselves.  If someone is very close to the drinker but always gets into tough confrontations, they can attend but should be on the quiet side to avoid it turning into a huge conflict. I find it’s more powerful if that person just sticks to the letter they wrote.

Each participant should write a one page letter and will go around the room and read it. This can be very emotional and often when we write we get into the love and concern we have for someone without the anger and judgments so this makes it a very good tool. When several are read, everyone is moved and hopefully the alcoholic himself.

Also please have a facility for rehab treatment lined up so that if the alcoholic is ready that can be an easy shift while his resolution is still strong to change. To delay things can bring up endless excuses unfortunately. Since you can’t just walk in to a rehab treatment center, it needs to be set up with them , with of course a discussion that the person may not be ready at the time.

Remember that love should be the primary focus as this is the most powerful force on earth. Firmness is needed too of course but without tons of criticism and negative judgements. It’s best for the person himself to reflect on the consequences of his actions and seeing that his life isn’t turning out the way he wishes, the alcohol doesn’t kill his pain and he’s lost many situations he wish he hadn’t. Expect him to make every objection in the book so be ready to meet these and emphasize why going to a rehab program is so important.

If somehow there is no ability to get the person to go, it can be helpful to get them to agree to go to AA locally and be able to tell them ways you won’t enable the person anymore (ie no more bail or jail or other ways of picking up the pieces). In many cases, the drinker in his heart of hearts is ready and knows that rehab will give him the sobriety is needs though fears.

October 21, 2008

Cole Puffinburger Abduction Tied to Drug Dealing Issues

It’s such a relief to see that Cole Puffinburger is okay after his kidnapping. It turns out now, they suspect that the three men who bound Cole’s mom and boyfriend and subsequently took the 6 year old, Cole, were trying to get back at Cole’s grandfather. The rumors are saying he was in a drug cartel that took millions of dollars from their operation.

The men posed as cops and seemed to be searching for money they believed to be stolen from them by the grandfather. They didn’t find money and Cole was taken. This is disturbing on many levels and remembering how drug use can affect kids’ lives is very important.

Drug Addiction Help

October 4, 2008

Drug Recovery Account -Heroin Addiction and Jason Peter

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Jason Peter talks about his heroin addiction with great honesty in Hero of the Underground.

For Jason it began by taking six pain pills when he hurt his knee as a freshman at the University of Nebraska which gave him a taste of things . Jason Peters’s loved being in the NFL and was a defensive lineman. But his career ended early despite his love for the game and then he tried to replace the high using a variety of drugs. Football was his life and purpose.

This is a compelling autobiography that shows both the passion he had for football and his journey into and beyond drug addiction once the dream was taken away from him.  After a number of shoulder and neck injuries, at 25 the football dream was gone. He was empty inside and wanted that vibrancy back again in some way. Jason even took 60 vicoden as a suicide attempt and it didn’t kill him.  In and out of rehab, Jason Peter found a program that worked for him. His autobiography is amazing and highly recommended.  Don’t give up on treatment programs. He found one that worked for him and his story is very inspirational . Give it to people you know so they can see that addiction can be transcended.

Read about Drug Treatment Programs

September 20, 2008

Internet Addiction – Why Is It So Prevalent

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Being online late at night is common and many people say that’s why they are tired at work or school the next day.  People may be addicted to different aspects of the internet- for some it’s porn, others like the support in various chat or internet forums on health or other subjects, online dating browsing, myspace and facebook chatting and other fascinations like gaming, videos on youtube and mindless surfing.

Some reasons that the internet is easier than other situations is that it you can be in the mode of a voyeur looking or if you are chatting or doing IM it can be a quick exchange involving none of the responsibility of an ongoing face to face daily relationship. People commisserate about the burdens of their families, school work, job pressures etc. There may be more support from people who don’t see you day to day, see your weaknesses etc.

There is a certain kind of control on the net where you can jump from site to site and not be stuck in a situation like a 3 hour party or a family gathering etc.  So is what we really get addicted to a life of being able to dip in and out of situations, watch without consequences and get the juicy side of life without the difficulties?

September 1, 2008

Martin Sheen against Proposition 5 for Addiction

What does everyone think about Martin Sheen feeling jail time may be a better threat for addicts? He does know first hand due to his own drinking struggles and witnessing his son Charlie’s drug issues the problems and temptations from the inside.

He feels that having the threat of jail time can increase one’s motivation to change and stop drug and alcohol indulgences. The proposition 5 would have a treatment option vs jail time. Some feel consequences are the best incentive to change. I think change happens when someone is really sick of their life.

What is it that makes someone finally change? What leads to that ah-ha moment that your life is being thrown away otherwise? Visit Drug Recovery Help

August 4, 2008

Celebrities Use Popular Drug for Weight Loss

The Daily News mentioned in March that celebrities are now indulging in ADHD for weight loss. I see kids in counseling that need adhd for problems with concentration in school and impulse control in the classroom. They often mention they don’t have an appetite for lunch.

It is really horrifying to hear about this drug being now used by celebrities as a way to lose weight. Also celebrities party and may be mixing this with drinks and other drugs and this can be quite dangerous. Most kids that take adhd do not administer the drug for themselves and they instead are given it by their parents and in fact may take it reluctantly. They are not mixing it with other drugs or indulgences and truly need it for school performance and behavior control.

Of course, actors, musicians and celebrities feel a pressure to look a certain way and constantly keep their status. A lot of this is societal pressure and the trends of our times but nonetheless, there are sensible diets as well as ways to combine exercise and nutrition to still look good. This plan many find helpful: How to Lose Weight Intelligently- CLICK HERE

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