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May 25, 2008

Pain Pill Addiction – Gradual Painkiller Can Hook Us

I’ve talked to so many people who ended up getting addicted to pain pills from a legitimate injury or physical problem that just then became a habit. We like comfort over discomfort and when physical pain is less , it also helps to numb some emotional pain too. Taking the edge off pain feels good but the problem is, it isn’t worked through so that you are really free emotionally.

I talked to a client friday who was so upset the way his math teacher treats him. He said it ruins all his other grades due to the criticisms. He doesn’t take pain killers but resorts to video games to not think about it. There are always going to be people like that in our lives . Castaneda calls them “Petty tyrants”. They know how to push our buttons. But we can also learn a lot about ourselves when we look at what makes us react and what are our soft spots.  Read more on pain pill addiction


May 22, 2008

Steven Tyler Rehab Clinic

I just read that Steven Tyler  checked into rehab at a clinic in Pasadena California. He was sober for 20 years. He’s in Aerosmith and the group should be getting a lot more exposure because Red Octane in June is releasing Guitar Hero with Aerosmith and they  always sell like crazy. By the way the clinic Steven is going to is where Celebrity Rehab is going into in June about Sebastian Bach which is kinda interesting.  Celeb Rehab is in news a lot.

Steven Tyler is around 60 and he can’t really keep his life private as it’s also been in news about his having hepatitis C in 2005 and treatments for that.

Tyler has been through a lot and at one point paid for his ex-wife’s brain cancer medical expenses (she sadly did not make it) and helped out at her fundraiser too. I wish him well at the detox program and his battle with substance abuse. Causes of Drug Addiction 

Methadone Addiction

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Methadone addiction is a way to wean yourself from heroin and opiates but has it’s own problems.  One thing that is important to keep in mind is that methadone has a withdrawal process that can be difficult. On the positive side, it is easier to kick than heroin and a stepping stone toward freedom from drugs. Sometimes we need to take steps up the ladder one at a time and this can be an important step for breaking out of a deadly addiction even though it too needs to be transcended. Learn more at Methadone Addiction on ways to get past the patterns and reach a way of living without dependency on drugs.

May 20, 2008

Daily Struggle with Addiction

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I see clients daily dealing with fighting off the temptation for pot, crack and alcohol. One person was telling me that she loves at 8 pm taking her seroquel to go to sleep. There is just a lot of trouble managing each day for her. Being able to sit in daily pain and yet not be overwhelmed by it is key to not yearning for ways to anaesthetize the pain. You have to do something to create inspiration and a new perspective whether it’s by humor, a new dream or relaxation techniques. Check out drug addiction treatment

May 18, 2008

Celebrity Rehab – Who Is Getting Help

Though we think money and fame solves our problems, each day in the news we find this contradicted. The most recent news includes Amy Winehouse being filmed with a joint and the earlier crack video. I am not sure what’s happening with her career, but I like her.

The description for “celeb rehab”  with Dr. Dreson May 23rd sounds interesting:

Viewing Jeff Conaway’s extraordinary and harsh detox, the rehabbers get to see what rehab is really about. The rehabbers watch Jeff’s struggle in horror and wonder, could this happen to them.

Initially I thought this was a typical reality show exploitation but there is some depth and insight

Celeb Rehab

We’ll get into some analysis in future posts


May 17, 2008

Drug Addiction Recovery Help

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Hey Everyone,

I am a therapist and work with people who are trying to overcome problems of drug addiction and “recreational drug use”. One client said something to me recently that it is a just a numbing device for her. It is hard though to face what is being numbed out. This is the challenge.

When I taught yoga at a drug rehab facility in Florida someone said to me, “If I had done yoga, I never would’ve done crack.” Whether it’s yoga, running, swimming, pilates it’s great to find something that will give you a lift and high. I think people have a strong spiritual yearning often that gets transferred into the high of drugs.

Everyone has a different personality so different treatments and centers will click with different types. You can read more here: Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Solutions . I’ll update this regularly with strategies, tips and inspiration to get out of the ruts we fall into.


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