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September 1, 2008

Martin Sheen against Proposition 5 for Addiction

What does everyone think about Martin Sheen feeling jail time may be a better threat for addicts? He does know first hand due to his own drinking struggles and witnessing his son Charlie’s drug issues the problems and temptations from the inside.

He feels that having the threat of jail time can increase one’s motivation to change and stop drug and alcohol indulgences. The proposition 5 would have a treatment option vs jail time. Some feel consequences are the best incentive to change. I think change happens when someone is really sick of their life.

What is it that makes someone finally change? What leads to that ah-ha moment that your life is being thrown away otherwise? Visit Drug Recovery Help


August 4, 2008

Celebrities Use Popular Drug for Weight Loss

The Daily News mentioned in March that celebrities are now indulging in ADHD for weight loss. I see kids in counseling that need adhd for problems with concentration in school and impulse control in the classroom. They often mention they don’t have an appetite for lunch.

It is really horrifying to hear about this drug being now used by celebrities as a way to lose weight. Also celebrities party and may be mixing this with drinks and other drugs and this can be quite dangerous. Most kids that take adhd do not administer the drug for themselves and they instead are given it by their parents and in fact may take it reluctantly. They are not mixing it with other drugs or indulgences and truly need it for school performance and behavior control.

Of course, actors, musicians and celebrities feel a pressure to look a certain way and constantly keep their status. A lot of this is societal pressure and the trends of our times but nonetheless, there are sensible diets as well as ways to combine exercise and nutrition to still look good. This plan many find helpful: How to Lose Weight Intelligently- CLICK HERE

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May 22, 2008

Steven Tyler Rehab Clinic

I just read that Steven Tyler  checked into rehab at a clinic in Pasadena California. He was sober for 20 years. He’s in Aerosmith and the group should be getting a lot more exposure because Red Octane in June is releasing Guitar Hero with Aerosmith and they  always sell like crazy. By the way the clinic Steven is going to is where Celebrity Rehab is going into in June about Sebastian Bach which is kinda interesting.  Celeb Rehab is in news a lot.

Steven Tyler is around 60 and he can’t really keep his life private as it’s also been in news about his having hepatitis C in 2005 and treatments for that.

Tyler has been through a lot and at one point paid for his ex-wife’s brain cancer medical expenses (she sadly did not make it) and helped out at her fundraiser too. I wish him well at the detox program and his battle with substance abuse. Causes of Drug Addiction 

May 18, 2008

Celebrity Rehab – Who Is Getting Help

Though we think money and fame solves our problems, each day in the news we find this contradicted. The most recent news includes Amy Winehouse being filmed with a joint and the earlier crack video. I am not sure what’s happening with her career, but I like her.

The description for “celeb rehab”  with Dr. Dreson May 23rd sounds interesting:

Viewing Jeff Conaway’s extraordinary and harsh detox, the rehabbers get to see what rehab is really about. The rehabbers watch Jeff’s struggle in horror and wonder, could this happen to them.

Initially I thought this was a typical reality show exploitation but there is some depth and insight

Celeb Rehab

We’ll get into some analysis in future posts


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