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August 4, 2008

Celebrities Use Popular Drug for Weight Loss

The Daily News mentioned in March that celebrities are now indulging in ADHD for weight loss. I see kids in counseling that need adhd for problems with concentration in school and impulse control in the classroom. They often mention they don’t have an appetite for lunch.

It is really horrifying to hear about this drug being now used by celebrities as a way to lose weight. Also celebrities party and may be mixing this with drinks and other drugs and this can be quite dangerous. Most kids that take adhd do not administer the drug for themselves and they instead are given it by their parents and in fact may take it reluctantly. They are not mixing it with other drugs or indulgences and truly need it for school performance and behavior control.

Of course, actors, musicians and celebrities feel a pressure to look a certain way and constantly keep their status. A lot of this is societal pressure and the trends of our times but nonetheless, there are sensible diets as well as ways to combine exercise and nutrition to still look good. This plan many find helpful: How to Lose Weight Intelligently- CLICK HERE

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