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October 21, 2008

Cole Puffinburger Abduction Tied to Drug Dealing Issues

It’s such a relief to see that Cole Puffinburger is okay after his kidnapping. It turns out now, they suspect that the three men who bound Cole’s mom and boyfriend and subsequently took the 6 year old, Cole, were trying to get back at Cole’s grandfather. The rumors are saying he was in a drug cartel that took millions of dollars from their operation.

The men posed as cops and seemed to be searching for money they believed to be stolen from them by the grandfather. They didn’t find money and Cole was taken. This is disturbing on many levels and remembering how drug use can affect kids’ lives is very important.

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October 4, 2008

Drug Recovery Account -Heroin Addiction and Jason Peter

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Jason Peter talks about his heroin addiction with great honesty in Hero of the Underground.

For Jason it began by taking six pain pills when he hurt his knee as a freshman at the University of Nebraska which gave him a taste of things . Jason Peters’s loved being in the NFL and was a defensive lineman. But his career ended early despite his love for the game and then he tried to replace the high using a variety of drugs. Football was his life and purpose.

This is a compelling autobiography that shows both the passion he had for football and his journey into and beyond drug addiction once the dream was taken away from him.  After a number of shoulder and neck injuries, at 25 the football dream was gone. He was empty inside and wanted that vibrancy back again in some way. Jason even took 60 vicoden as a suicide attempt and it didn’t kill him.  In and out of rehab, Jason Peter found a program that worked for him. His autobiography is amazing and highly recommended.  Don’t give up on treatment programs. He found one that worked for him and his story is very inspirational . Give it to people you know so they can see that addiction can be transcended.

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