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September 9, 2009

How to Quit Smoking Pot: It Makes Everything Better

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One thing I hear a lot in therapy is that people come in saying , “I am not sure how to quit smoking pot because it helps me not react so much to things.” I have seen clients say that without it they can’t sleep and they’d be more aggravated in situations. One thing this points to is that it is our attitudes that make us react so much. When you think about it, how can your reaction to your co-worker be much less irritating after smoking a little weed? It shows us that we blow things up in our minds and re-live them over and over again.

Rather than seeing smoking marijuana as the antidote to dealing with daily situations, why not go deeper into the mind to find ways to release the negativity? This does take more self-inquiry and work, but it is a tool you’ll always have and you won’t have the negative effects of marijuana .

In a meditation class I recently attended the speaker asked us to look at someone who annoys us. Think about someone who’s voice you dislike, who makes you just feel uncomfortable all the time . Do they have friends? Are they married? Obviously , they can’t irritate everyone and must have some good qualities. Do they want to be happy , just as you do? Is there a way you can approach them differently that can break the negative pattern you may have historically?

One effect of smoking pot is memory issues. This is important to think about. Another is that some people say they can’t get motivated. Visualize your future and what you want it to be. Write down the reasons you like to smoke pot or get high on weed and see the times that trigger it. Is it situations with your parents, family or boss? What gives rise to the urge to smoke marijuana? By working with this, the cravings will change. If your teenager has a pot problem you can also look into 12 Step Programs for Teens .


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