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March 10, 2012

How Do Former Addicts Succeed

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Stopping drugs or alcohol is something that many feel ashamed about. Many people can feel that they lack the will or that they can stop for a few days. It is a horrible feeling when we regress again. Whether it’s with an addiction or slipping into a habit, the sense of discouragement can be quite heavy. Our spirit sinks when we feel like failures.

I was honored to be able to interview 5 former addicts, some with their own books on recovery at . Each goes into their darkest moments as well as what helped them to turn the corner for good. You can read what Todd Zalkins, Amy Lee Coy, Dennis Marcellino, Patty Holloran and Parker Lanier all found helpful for their own recoveries as well as what were their obstacles along the way. Everyone’s journey is different, but one sentence can be enough to create motivation inside of you and a leap into a new intent. The book is on kindle for .99 at the moment so you can pick it up here –Five Journeys Of Addiction Recovery .

Not everyone interviewed found the 12 steps or AA and NA approaches helpful to them. You’ll see various methods and find what resonates for yourself. Remember that change is possible. Do not feel that you are doomed to repeating a cycle. We are not stuck in who we are but are capable of much more. When you feel that things can’t get better it is always good to read something inspiring, even if it’s a famous quote, in order to change your state of mind. Don’t buy into the negative states.

October 21, 2008

Cole Puffinburger Abduction Tied to Drug Dealing Issues

It’s such a relief to see that Cole Puffinburger is okay after his kidnapping. It turns out now, they suspect that the three men who bound Cole’s mom and boyfriend and subsequently took the 6 year old, Cole, were trying to get back at Cole’s grandfather. The rumors are saying he was in a drug cartel that took millions of dollars from their operation.

The men posed as cops and seemed to be searching for money they believed to be stolen from them by the grandfather. They didn’t find money and Cole was taken. This is disturbing on many levels and remembering how drug use can affect kids’ lives is very important.

Drug Addiction Help

July 4, 2008

Christine Applegate – Ex- Boyfriend Drug Overdose

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I am saddened to see once again when I look at the internet that right away that Christine Applegate’s ex – Lee Grivas died of heroin overdose. She and he have had many breakups over the years as she didn’t want to enable the addiction. I feel for her so much.

She obviously cared for him a great deal and said he was missed beyond words. They met when she was in Sweet Charity at Broadway. Grivas was known for his photography skills as well as skateboarding abilities. It is a difficult struggle and one that takes a lot of persistence to overcome. Drug Addiction Information

May 17, 2008

Drug Addiction Recovery Help

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Hey Everyone,

I am a therapist and work with people who are trying to overcome problems of drug addiction and “recreational drug use”. One client said something to me recently that it is a just a numbing device for her. It is hard though to face what is being numbed out. This is the challenge.

When I taught yoga at a drug rehab facility in Florida someone said to me, “If I had done yoga, I never would’ve done crack.” Whether it’s yoga, running, swimming, pilates it’s great to find something that will give you a lift and high. I think people have a strong spiritual yearning often that gets transferred into the high of drugs.

Everyone has a different personality so different treatments and centers will click with different types. You can read more here: Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Solutions . I’ll update this regularly with strategies, tips and inspiration to get out of the ruts we fall into.


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