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March 10, 2012

How Do Former Addicts Succeed

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Stopping drugs or alcohol is something that many feel ashamed about. Many people can feel that they lack the will or that they can stop for a few days. It is a horrible feeling when we regress again. Whether it’s with an addiction or slipping into a habit, the sense of discouragement can be quite heavy. Our spirit sinks when we feel like failures.

I was honored to be able to interview 5 former addicts, some with their own books on recovery at . Each goes into their darkest moments as well as what helped them to turn the corner for good. You can read what Todd Zalkins, Amy Lee Coy, Dennis Marcellino, Patty Holloran and Parker Lanier all found helpful for their own recoveries as well as what were their obstacles along the way. Everyone’s journey is different, but one sentence can be enough to create motivation inside of you and a leap into a new intent. The book is on kindle for .99 at the moment so you can pick it up here –Five Journeys Of Addiction Recovery .

Not everyone interviewed found the 12 steps or AA and NA approaches helpful to them. You’ll see various methods and find what resonates for yourself. Remember that change is possible. Do not feel that you are doomed to repeating a cycle. We are not stuck in who we are but are capable of much more. When you feel that things can’t get better it is always good to read something inspiring, even if it’s a famous quote, in order to change your state of mind. Don’t buy into the negative states.


December 2, 2008

What Are the Effects of Alcoholism on Yourself and Family

Drinking effects both yourself and others. A great motivator is to think about how you want your life to be when you are older. What activities do you hope to be able to do when you get more free time? The effects on one’s liver and general health can really grow in time. If a group of people that are concerned about you held an Alcoholic Intervention and you’ve ignored it, take a little time to reflect on what they wanted you to hear.

Also, what are you missing now in your kids’ lives? You may be with them but the effects of alcoholism can make you less present than you’d be otherwise. They’ll sense you aren’t really participating. These years shape them and their choices in relationship partners, their self-esteem and belief in themselves.

I’ve had a lot of clients in my therapy practice that are children of alcoholics. Some drink and some don’t. Sometimes kids imitate their parents and end up in adolescent drug rehab. The ones that don’t drink all have stories and strong memories of their childhoods. They may not have resentment, but they talk about times when their recitals or sports games were skipped by their parent who was unable to go. Some also speak about how they didn’t really think they could acheive since their mom or dad didn’t do much with his or her life. This of course, isn’t always the case. Some kids decide to be opposite of their parents. They may though get involved with someone who has an addiction and they can be the savior in relation to.

Learn more about Effects of Alcoholism and break free by believing in your higher potential.

November 30, 2008

Doing an Intervention: Get Someone to Face the Truth

If you want to conduct an alcoholic intervention to help someone face their true situation, loss of quality of life and open a door to a new level of living, be aware that the person will probably be defensive, in denial, angry or any mix of the above. There is no one way to do it,and though in past interventions were done informally by friends and famlly, now there are people who wlll facilitate one formally if one wishes that.

I think it’s more effective to first try one without a professional and then a professional can always be involved if necessary in future. What is best is to have several close friends and family members (4-10 people). These should be people who care about the person and who don’t get into tons of knock down fights and arguments OR are actively drinking themselves.  If someone is very close to the drinker but always gets into tough confrontations, they can attend but should be on the quiet side to avoid it turning into a huge conflict. I find it’s more powerful if that person just sticks to the letter they wrote.

Each participant should write a one page letter and will go around the room and read it. This can be very emotional and often when we write we get into the love and concern we have for someone without the anger and judgments so this makes it a very good tool. When several are read, everyone is moved and hopefully the alcoholic himself.

Also please have a facility for rehab treatment lined up so that if the alcoholic is ready that can be an easy shift while his resolution is still strong to change. To delay things can bring up endless excuses unfortunately. Since you can’t just walk in to a rehab treatment center, it needs to be set up with them , with of course a discussion that the person may not be ready at the time.

Remember that love should be the primary focus as this is the most powerful force on earth. Firmness is needed too of course but without tons of criticism and negative judgements. It’s best for the person himself to reflect on the consequences of his actions and seeing that his life isn’t turning out the way he wishes, the alcohol doesn’t kill his pain and he’s lost many situations he wish he hadn’t. Expect him to make every objection in the book so be ready to meet these and emphasize why going to a rehab program is so important.

If somehow there is no ability to get the person to go, it can be helpful to get them to agree to go to AA locally and be able to tell them ways you won’t enable the person anymore (ie no more bail or jail or other ways of picking up the pieces). In many cases, the drinker in his heart of hearts is ready and knows that rehab will give him the sobriety is needs though fears.

July 12, 2008

Alcohol and Yeast Infections

We know that excessive alcohol can damage your social life, career and family situation but it also can give you a yeast infection!  Certain foods such as breads, mushrooms and refined sugars contain yeast or fungus that some people will react to in the form of candida or a yeast infection. Wine and beer are also in this class.

Also drinking too much alcohol can create liver problems which then can result in a yeast infection. If you already have a yeast infection, you can feel very intoxicated by a small amount of alcohol or very light headed. Read more about Yeast Infection Symptoms and keep in mind that if you know someone that drinks, they may be motivated to stop by not wanting a yeast infection problem  . Sometimes vanity is a great motivator!

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