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June 4, 2010

Are You Losing Sight of Your Summer Drinking Pattern

Because it’s the summer, people tend to have picnics, barbecues and add drinking some beers into the mix. This can actually be adding more alcohol than you think into your system. Because it’s easy to shoot the breeze for a few hours with family and friends, you may be unconsciously picking up more beer than you think. Try to limit yourself to 1-2 and if you have a problem or history of drinking you should focus on sodas and water instead. Do not tempt yourself.

It isn’t the beer that relaxes you, but it’s your state of mind. You can get the state of mind by humor, affirmations, visualization, thinking about your good qualities and many other ways. Don’t rely on alcohol for that because it is actually a depressant. It does not pick you up. An alcoholic personality will find ways to dismiss and justify the habits. It is best to instead just repeat good habits and not think you can control your intake.

When you show others you can be fun, relax and be funny without beer, you are also giving them a message about good living. This is contagious and people will appreciate it. Instead of behaving in a way that can lead to an alcoholic intervention , you will be cultivating a lifestyle that enables you to be social without addiction. This is sorely needed in our world today. Remember that you and others are also driving after a gathering and this can have deadly consequences.

July 12, 2008

Alcohol and Yeast Infections

We know that excessive alcohol can damage your social life, career and family situation but it also can give you a yeast infection!  Certain foods such as breads, mushrooms and refined sugars contain yeast or fungus that some people will react to in the form of candida or a yeast infection. Wine and beer are also in this class.

Also drinking too much alcohol can create liver problems which then can result in a yeast infection. If you already have a yeast infection, you can feel very intoxicated by a small amount of alcohol or very light headed. Read more about Yeast Infection Symptoms and keep in mind that if you know someone that drinks, they may be motivated to stop by not wanting a yeast infection problem  . Sometimes vanity is a great motivator!

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