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September 20, 2008

Internet Addiction – Why Is It So Prevalent

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Being online late at night is common and many people say that’s why they are tired at work or school the next day.  People may be addicted to different aspects of the internet- for some it’s porn, others like the support in various chat or internet forums on health or other subjects, online dating browsing, myspace and facebook chatting and other fascinations like gaming, videos on youtube and mindless surfing.

Some reasons that the internet is easier than other situations is that it you can be in the mode of a voyeur looking or if you are chatting or doing IM it can be a quick exchange involving none of the responsibility of an ongoing face to face daily relationship. People commisserate about the burdens of their families, school work, job pressures etc. There may be more support from people who don’t see you day to day, see your weaknesses etc.

There is a certain kind of control on the net where you can jump from site to site and not be stuck in a situation like a 3 hour party or a family gathering etc.  So is what we really get addicted to a life of being able to dip in and out of situations, watch without consequences and get the juicy side of life without the difficulties?

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